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¡ OSCARIN The Clown must be in your party !

The show of Oscarin the clown is a totally modern, fun and very dynamic show, as along it, he interacts with children through various competitions and songs.

His show is mainly musical, and therefore he takes a professional, high quality sound equipment.

Also, Oscarin the clown takes a 2x2 m digital-printing stage, LED lights, and two 36-inches flat screens with which it interacts with your guests.

Throughout the show there are several special effects such as confetti and cold fireworks.

Oscarin’s show runs a completely white vocabulary, no pun intended and no disrespect to children or adults.

Oscarin revolutionizes the concept of children's songs, giving them a modern twist for today's generation. Such is the case of “La Foca Ramona”, “Lindo Pescadito”, “Pim Pon”, “Elefantes”, among others.

Oscarin’s contests are quite dynamic and new, for children of all ages, and even for adults. Among these he includes a giant ball competition, which involves all your guests, and a “gifts shower”.

For both the birthday boy or girls, and the participants in Oscarin’s contests, he carries a wide variety of gifts such as: CD's and DVD's of Oscarin, posters, shirts, Oscarin gel, bubbles, light articles, etc.

Oscarin the clown has also juggling numbers with cloth- and fire- balls, and acrobatics mixed with breakdancing. For special occasions, Oscarin the clown has an exclusively musical show, with its own live band.

This, together with the unique, white style of Oscarin the clown, makes his show the most attractive of Mexico.

Talent, freshness and a spark of genius are attributes that you can only find in the realm of fantasy, because the new generation needs a modern, dynamic show, full of genius; there is only one person who can bring all this to you: Oscarin.

He has appeared in the Zócalo plaza in Mexico City for more than 5000 street children, “Ministerios de Amor”

Puebla baseball stadium for about 10000 people in the promotion of LADA with Jorge Campos.

“Feria de la Ciudad de Mexico” 2001, 2002, 2003, at the “Palacio de los Deportes”.

Tatilandia Entertainment Center, celebrating the queen of children, Tatiana, in her day with over 1000 children.

Cuernavaca, Morelos and 2000 years of foster homes organized by “Semilla de Mostaza” (The Mustard Seed).

Radio: Radio Chapultepec, Bonita FM.

“Teatro Ferrocarrilero” (Railroad Theatre) celebrating firefighters in their day with Ernesto Laguardia and many other artists.

Las Torres Theatre, with the presentation of his album "Corre, Corre" (Run, Run) and Aldama Theatre, with the presentation of his album "Ven A Cantar" (Come And Sing), having as guests on both occasions: Zovec, Happy Kids, The Mercurys, Roland and his Bicycles, Mandrake the Magician, and Raciel.

Television: “Al Fin de Semana” (The Weekend) with Don Francisco and Jorge Muñiz.

In Juarez Hospital for children with cancer.

In the “Centro de Rehabilitación Infantil Teletón” (Teleton Children's Rehabilitation Center), carrying a show for children in their day.

His experience extends to hospitals, businesses, churches, schools, nursing homes, children's parties, etc.

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